TMC travels to Chicago in 1909 in style

In 1909 the Chicago Symphony (then still known as the Theodore Thomas Orchestra) invited TMC to travel to Chicago to sing three concerts with the orchestra. It was quite an undertaking! The choir at that time consisted of 228 choristers, almost double what it is today! Notes in the programme described the travel arrangements, “The choir will be brought to Chicago on two special Pullman trains of seven cars each, leaving Toronto Tuesday evening, arriving in Chicago Wednesday morning.” It also mentions why there will be no usual Saturday evening concert, “It is necessary for the Choir to leave Chicago for Toronto after the Friday concert to enable the business men of the organization to have a full day at home on Saturday.” !!!

(We don’t know if their Pullman car was this luxurious. You can learn more about the history of Pullman cars here.)

In the early 1900s, the TMC regularly toured by train to New York City and Buffalo and also appeared in Boston and Cleveland.

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