Meet Our Supporters

The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir gratefully acknowledges the support of our government partners, corporate and foundation sponsors, and individual donors who, through their financial support, make it possible for the TMChoir to present outstanding high-quality performances, community engagement programs, and education opportunities.

This list reflects donations from September 2021 to the present.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list, however, if you notice an error or omission, please accept our apologies and contact Daniela Nardi at


Click on each heading to meet the many people who support the TMChoir.

Through their generous gifts, Mendelssohn Circle donors provide a critically important base of annual funding support.

Visionary ($20,000+)

Nancy & Tom Laurie
Estate of Thomas C. Logan
Frances & Tim Price

Platinum ($10,000-$19,999)

Azrieli Foundation
BMO Financial Group
Robert and Andrea Chisholm
Ontario Arts Foundation
Middlefield Group
Jan Szot
Tippet Foundation
Carrie Yakimovich Foundation

Gold Member ($5,000-$9,999)

CIBC Children’s Foundation
Frederick R. Mackelcan Foundation
J.P. Bickell Foundation
The McLean Foundation
Dick and Diane Freeborough
David & Tabitha Raju
Marilyn Isaac Stewart
Amy R. Tibble

Silver Member ($2,500-$4,999)

Reinhard Dotzlaw
Pat M. Irwin
Deane and Mary Nesbitt
Marg Rappolt
Jean-Sébastien Vallée
The Mary-Margaret Webb Foundation
Denny Young

Bronze Member ($1,000-$2,499)

Anonymous (2)
Michael Baker
Randy & Janis Benson
Lenora Butler, in memory of Charles Butler
Frances Chan
Mary Chang
Teri Dennis-Davies
Catherine & Hugh DesBrisay, in memory of Austin Fricker
Erin Finlay
Lois Fricker
Ilone Harrison
The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
Dele Ibitoye
Janice Schuyler-Ketchen, in memory of Fran Murphy
Anna Kajtar
Clement Kam, in memory of David Yu-Tin Kam
Bruce Killam
Sachiko Marshall
June McLean†
Thomas C. MacMillan
Annie Odom, in Memory of Tom Logan, Conrad Willemse, Roy Wayment, & Andrew Kerr
Phil Penney†, in Memory of Conrad Willemse
Frances Shepherd
Rev. Cynthia R. & Ross R. Stretton, in memory of Ross Dodington, Peter M. Partridge, & Terri Pothier
Lina & Derek Stinnes
Eli and Philip Taylor
Jennifer Ujimoto
Christopher Wenman, in memory of Madeleine Wenman
Bruce Yungblut

Benefactor ($500-$999)

Anonymous, in honour of Cher Farrell
Ann-Marie Barrett- Tandy, in memory of Chris Tandy
Sonia Baxendale
Christie Bates
Sheila Casgrain
Laureen Choi
Michael & Karen Fricker
Jim Harvey
Vida Jan
Kimber Jonah
Ronan McGrath
David B. Powell, in memory of Phil Penney
Larry Sage
Kenneth Stephen
Seymour Stern
Maureen Tingley
Susan Worthington
Carol Small



Patron ($200-499)

Anonymous (6)
Anonymous, in honour of John McGraw
Anina Abrie
Philip Arthur & Mary Wilson, in memory of Ruby Good
James C. Baillie
Susanne Boggild
Dana Boyko & Roman Pendzey
Sue Foster & Samuel Broverman
Brian Chang
Elizabeth & Tony Churchill
Jay & Patricia Climenhaga
Judy Claborn
Leslie Cooper, in honour of Barry Clegg
Joni Clegg, in honour of Barry Clegg & Leslie Cooper, alumni
Avis Devine
Leslie Dobbin
Vivian Ducharme
Diane English & Rick Phillips
Carol Fahie
David Fallis
Kirsten Fielding
Norm F. Fielding
Leslie Finlay
Marg Fisher
John Grebby
Jean Hunnisett
Elizabeth Kocmur
Eleanor J. Kunycia
Richard Lucas & Lorraine Saab-Lucas
Shannon McKarney,in honour of Milo McGraw
Deborah Micucci
Lisa Milligan
Kirsten Moy
Mary Murnaghan
William Murphy & John Hessels
Lynda Newmarch
Lawrence & Patricia Palin
Francis Lam
Neil Payne
Catherine Peer, in memory of Miles Hearn
Norbert Perera
Nick & Lynn Ross
Brian Scholz
Andrew Slonetsky
Daniel Sullivan
Sandra Tang
James Thompson, in memory of Pao-Hui Tung
Gail Todgham
Lenore Walters
Marjorie Wiens
Laura Wills
Virginia Wright
Art & Marguerite Yung

Friend ($100-$199)

Anonymous (9)
Pat Allen
Hilary Apfelstadt
Neil Aronoff, in memory of my mom, Pearl
Elizabeth Asselstine
Irene Bailey
Lezlie Bain
Carolyn Baker
Pierre Beaudoin
Judy & Phelps Bell, in memory of
John Lawson
Lisa Bendall, in memory of Ian Bendall
Irene Berry
Richard & Betty Bennett
Deborah Bissell
J. Douglas Bodley
Mavis Brown
Gwyneth Buck, in memory of Eleanor Kunycia
Seungbum Choi
Heather Clark
Michael Clipperton
John Coulton
Jane Cutler
Helen Debenham
Anthony Doll
Cora M.M. Dusk
Glen & Sue Earl
Erik & Janet Eide
William & Cher Farrell
Magdalena Finat
Sheila Fowler
Margaret Genovese
Joan Gladwell
John Gladwell
Rosemary & Roland Gosselin
Pamela Grant
Cathryn Gregor, in memory of John Lawson
Jane Griffith
David G. Hallman
Celia Harte
Derek & Susan Hayes
Richard & Helen Holtby
Richard & Eleanor Horlings
Mark Huggins
Elizabeth Ireton
Barbara Jackell
Ronald Jewell
James Jones
Donald & Mary Kaye
Anthony & Patricia Keith
Christine Kerr
Peter Kirby
Carolyn Knott
Frederick K.K. Leung
Yiu Chung Li
Jeffrey MacAlpine
Heather McGrath
Paul McKernan
Robert Missen, in memory of Dr. Elmer Iseler
Susan Mumford
Thomas Pam
Daniel Parkinson, in memory of Phil Penney
Joan Patterson
Michelle Pearson
Kenneth Peglar
Karen Pidcock, in honour of Olivia Pryce-Digby
Darn Pollard
Brayton Polka
Michael Rea
David Rosen, in memory of Moe & Sylvia Rosen
Sharon & Jed Rosenfeld, in honour of Jan Szot
Sandi Schafer
David Serber
John Sherrington
Catherine Short
Keith Shrouder
Christine Smith, in memory of Barbara & Don Woodrow
Peteris Spels
Regine Suehring
Carey Suleiman, in honour of Denny Young
Liz Szonyi
Andrew Szonyi
Radka Tamchyna, in honour of TMChoir
Michael Tomczak
Barbara Track, in honour of Denny Young
Hitishi & Mary Ujimoto
Alan Ward
Grant Wedge
Laurie White
Susan Q. Wilson, in honour of Daniel Parkinson
Sylvia Winder
Baldwin Verstraete
Lisa Vincent
Claire X. Yu
MaryAnne Zacharias


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Supporter ($10-$99)

Anonymous (12)
Anonymous, in memory of Gail & Bill Dawson
Anonymous, in memory of Aaron Owoh
Anonymous, in memory of Bill Clipsham
Laura Adlers
Reynaldo Ardiente
Oscar Avila
Adam Barken
Jennifer Bely
Louise Boyden, in memory of John (Jack) Gifford
Ray Bramble
Rodney Brown
Marlo Bucks
Alicia Bulwik
Denyse Francoise Burns
Ian Campbell
Teresa Cariglia
Charles Caty
Jerome Chang
Stephen Cockle
Roger Cook
Louise Cullen
Pat Davidson
Patricia Dickinson, in honour of Gail& Marg Rappolt
Richard Diver
Myra Douglas
Colin Eatock
Susan Evans
Ellen Farrelly
Nada Farah
Debra Finlayson
Cam Ferguson
Frank & Jennifer Fowler
Jean Franklin Hancher
Ann Fraser
Kristopher Fulton
Marina Galeano
Lucas Gareri
Debra Gill
Paula Goldman
Phyllis Gordon
Joy Gordon
Sheila Goulet
Astrid & John Grinvalds
Qingke Han
Janice Harrison
Carol Anne Houston
Ernest & Margaret Hunter
Joan Irwin
Andrew & Pronica Janikowski
Saul & Naomi Joel, in honour of David Yung
Maria Kazarnovsky
Ildikó Kovács




Anne Lazenby
Dirk LeClaire
Ellen Levine
Larry Lewis, in memory of Brother OZ
Mary Lilley
Sheila Limerick
Sandra Lincoln
Lewis & Susan Liu
Anne Longmore
Murielle Luc
Mattias Lundberg
Martin MacLachlan
Gloria Martin
Alison Massam
Lauren Mayer
Christine McClymont
Audrey E. McLeod
Timothy McPhail
Don Melady
Linda Miller
Lee Mondshein, in memory of Sheila Mondshein
Heather Mosher- Saunders, in memory of Mary Saunders & Gwen Mosher
Mary Mundle
Janet Murphy
Frank Nevelo
Heather Newsome
Cynthia Nidd
Grace Nostbakken
Kenna Owoh
Youngsin Park
Jean Marc Pasche
Lisette Pereira, in honour of Pamela Pereira
Nina Pogossian
Heather Power
Mary Joy Rae
Carol Richards
Susan Rothwell
Kayoko Saito
Pierre Samson
Catherine Sandrasagra
Nellie Scholtes
Ryan Scott, in honour of Susan Worthington
Christin Shmanka
Susan Sheen
Laine & Paige Sills
Nancy Smith- Laidman
Philip Stern, in memory of Eleanor Kunycia
Nancy St Laurent
James Tennyson
Pascale Thibodeau
Kimberly Trimboli
Susan Traill
Halyna Troian
Timothy Tshin
Kiley Venables
Marnie Walker
Margaret Walton
Margaret Weaver, in memory of Janet Plock
Mary-Louise Work
Martha Young






We are grateful to the following individuals who have chosen to support the future of choral music with a legacy gift to the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir.

Legacy gifts make up a substantial amount of the support that is necessary to bring you the music you love. If you would like to consider becoming a member of the Legacy Circle, please contact Anna Kajtár at

Anonymous (9)

Irene Bailey

Charles & Lenora Butler

Lloyd Chiotti

Elizabeth & Tony Churchill

Debbie Fleming

Anita Rundans-Gaide & Ivars Gaide

William Galloway

Douglas Gardner†

John Grebby

Cynthia Hawkins

Clement Kam

Janice Schuyler-Ketchen

Eleanor Kunycia

Thomas C. Logan

Sue Newman & Wilf Trivett

Philip Penney

Isabel Pierce†

Amy Rossiter†

Sue Sherman & Don McCuaig

Ross Robert Stretton

Susan Q Wilson


† deceased


BMO Financial Group

CIBC Children’s Foundation


Logo for Middlefield Group


Azrieli Foundation

Frederick R. Mackelcan Foundation

J.P. Bickell Foundation

Henry White Kinnear Foundation

Lamb Foundation

Mary-Margaret Webb Foundation

McLean Foundation

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Tippet Foundation

Carrie Yakimovich Foundation

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