Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir (TMChoir) is committed to providing Canadian and global audiences with an exceptional classical choral experience. Through our performances and educational programs, for over 125 years, we have focused on making choral masterworks available, accessible, and inspirational to all listeners, performers and participants.
However, we acknowledge that this objective has not always been achieved, in part, because systemic racism exists in Canada and has disproportionately impacted Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) for generations. The barriers faced by these communities have had a compounding effect over many years impacting equitable access to opportunities in the arts including choral music.

Within our organization, we are committed to eliminating systemic barriers and to a more inclusive experience. We are focused on fostering creative spaces that are safe, respectful and accessible for everyone – free from discrimination, harassment and bullying. These spaces include TMChoir’s work environment, rehearsals, performances and workshops. And through our collaborations and connections with the wider choral music community, we will encourage and support others in advancing these objectives.

Approved by Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Board of Directors, March 9, 2021