From the Executive Director’s Desk – Winter 2015

Headshot of Cynthia Hawkins

From the Executive Director’s Desk

Headshot of Cynthia Hawkins
Cynthia Hawkins, TMC Executive Director

Almost ten years ago, the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir undertook what was to become a pivotal strategic planning process in the recent history of the organization. Over a series of soul-seeking workshops, a small group of TMC stakeholders took a long and hard look at what we were doing and why we were doing it and created a series of statements that articulated the Choir’s Mission, Vision and Core Values. Those statements have been the principles that have guided our organizational planning since 2008, and, I’m sure, will continue to provide us direction as our Board and staff begin the next strategic planning cycle before the end of the current season.

In 2008, we articulated our core values as Excellence ǀ Scale ǀ Scope ǀ Authenticity ǀ Accessibility. Since that time, my work with Noel, TMC choristers and alumni, Board, staff, patrons and donors has led me to believe we need to add one more value—Community. A simple definition of community is “a group of any size that shares common values,” and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir does that in spades.

Each of the following articles features ways in which the TMC organization reaches out, creates and fosters community. Through the article on the recent Choral Conductors’ Symposium you will gain some insight into how our work in strengthening the skills of young conductors impacts their own choral communities. You will read how the TMC is reaching out to our patron community by asking them for input into their concert experiences, and why the creation of community is important to our fundraising goals. And finally, you will read how the communal nature of the Choir can be the nurturing ground for the development of relationships that go beyond the Choir’s boundaries.

You are an important member of the TMC community. We hope this edition of Voice of Mendelssohn will further engage you in the work of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir.

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