The Mighty Rhino Reviews the TMC’s Mozart & Haydn Performance

The first of our New Ears reviews comes from the Noah Goodbaum, aka the Mighty Rhino, a Toront0-based rapper and writer, and was first published in the November issue of the Voice of Mendelssohn.

Being a relative newcomer to the appreciation of what we call “classical music,” with next to no understanding of the history of the art form or its various nuances, your correspondent found the sheer scope and scale of the undertaking amazing to witness—hundreds of choristers and instrumentalists decked out in tails and ties, Koerner Hall’s exceptional acoustics letting the dozens of voices reverberate through the building and wash over the audience like ocean waves. But any sharp critic or perceptive observer will know the difference between “big” and “great,” and the TMC’s performance of Mozart’s Requiem and Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass was absolutely and thoroughly both.

You can read the rest of Noah’s review here.