A letter to the TMC community

To the TMC community —

Last night, we became aware of a media report that makes reference to allegations of sexual misconduct against Noel Edison.

News of these allegations may have elicited in you, as it has in us, feelings of shock and sadness.

Faced with this situation, we must make tough decisions, balancing the obligations we have to all parties involved. These parties include Noel and the complainants, and very importantly, they include choristers and all other members of the TMC and Elora Singers community.

We recently received letters of complaint from third parties regarding Noel’s conduct. These complaints were immediately raised to the Boards of both the TMC and the Elora Singers. Both organizations responded promptly by placing Noel on a personal leave of absence and launching an independent third party investigation. That investigation has already begun. Anyone having any information that they would like to share can contact TMC Chair Maureen Palmer or TMC Vice-Chair Cathy Conforzi, in confidence, at chair@tmchoir.org, or John Spearn, Director, Elora Singers at spearn@corcap.com.

To ensure the utmost integrity of this investigation, neither organization will make any public comment until the investigation is completed and the respective Boards of Directors have had time to review the information. Unfortunately, we are also not able to share further information with you until the investigation is complete.

Maureen Palmer
Chair, TMC Board of Directors

Cynthia Hawkins
Executive Director, TMC

John Spearn,
Director, Elora Singers