CANDIDE at TSO Gives You Permission to Laugh

Taylor Long, Broadway World

Conductor Bramwell Tovey began the evening by saying, “in light of the way things are… I want to give you permission to laugh.” It didn’t take very long before the audience was in stitches with laughter. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra performed Leonard Bernstein’s CANDIDE last weekend, accompanied by some of the country’s greatest classical voices – Judith Forst and Tracy Dahl – and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. The evening was a spectacular display of fine music, drama, and comedy.

…. The remaining singing parts were filled by soloists from the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. Andrew Walker was impressive as the Governor, honking out well-crafted high notes that filled the hall – and Jordan Scholl displayed a fine bass-baritone as Tsar Ivan. The choir produced a full, colourful sound as the chorus – and it looks like they had a blast doing it.

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