Audition Preparation

You’ve been selected to audition to sing with the TMC.

Here’s what to prepare.

Musical selections to prepare in advance of your audition

Preparation for Audition:

  1. Prepare a short solo musical selection of your choice to showcase your vocal ability and range.
    An accompanist will be available for your audition. Please ensure to bring a double-sided printed copy of the score placed in a binder for the accompanist. Make sure the score is in the key in which the piece will be performed.
  2. Prepare and be ready to perform measures 1 to 62 of Johannes Brahms’ Wie lieblich deine Wohnungen.
  3. Choose and prepare one rhythm exercise from Rhythm Exercise #1 or Rhythm Exercise #2. You can speak or clap them.
  4. Sing a chromatic scale: ascend from Do to Sol and descend from Sol to Do on any syllable of your choice (e.g., ta or doo).
  5. Be prepared to read the provided diction evaluation texts to assess your diction skills.

If you have any questions in advance of your audition, please contact the Director of Artistic Operations at