TMC Choral Conductors’ Symposium wraps up with free concert

Christina Strynatka, The Examiner

Rating: stars_5

When voices can sound as good as they do with the Elora Festival Singers  and the Mendelssohn Singers, it’s easy to see why people believe in God.

On Feb. 1, 2014, the two choirs sang a programme of 19 songs  led by seven different conductors: EFS/Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Artistic Director Noel Edison and Associate Conductor Caron Daley, and five student conductors taking part in the fourth annual Choral Conductors’ Symposium  (Renata Dworak, Jeffrey Moellman, Sarah Morrison, Raymund Ocampo, and Zachary Thompson.)

The most appropriate word to describe the result was glorious.

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