Emily Parker

Emily Parker is a Toronto-based conductor, soprano, and teacher who holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto. She is with Modern Sound Collective as conductor of its soprano-alto choir and associate conductor of its concert choir. She is the assistant conductor with Concreamus Chamber Choir, a high-level ensemble dedicated to performing new compositions. Emily also works at Young Voices Toronto as an assistant conductor with two junior ensembles, and Durham Region’s RESOUND Choir as assistant conductor.

Emily has sung professionally with a number of choral groups. Currently she is with the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir as a soprano lead and member of its smaller, fully professional ensemble. She has the additional role of musical assistant, leading sectionals, music workshops, and carrying out research.

Emily was an intern conductor with the 2023 Ontario Youth Choir. She was previously intern conductor with Etobicoke Centennial Choir, and assistant conductor with Kingsway-Lambton United Church’s Junior Choir. Emily enjoys teaching voice lessons from her private studio.