Amy Tibble


Partner, Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP

Amy Tibble is an employment lawyer and Partner of the law firm of Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP in Toronto. She advises employers on a variety of matters related to litigation, employment law, accommodation, hiring, retention, terminations, human rights, and more.

Amy is committed to the professional development of the firm’s associates and acts as a mentor to a number of associates each year and she participates in a mentoring program with Western Law. She is also the chair of the firm’s financial services group.

Amy is a member of a number of organizations associated with the practice of law including the Ontario Bar Association, and the Canadian Bar Association, as well as more informal associations such as Women In Law.

Amy was a member of the Board of Directors of Voice for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children (Charity) (Voice) for two years and remains an active member and participant in the organization. Voice is an organization created by parents of deaf and hard of hearing children fifty years ago. It offers support, guidance, friendship, speech therapy, education, resources, and more for families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

In 2016 Amy was approached the Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers (CACE), a national organization for lawyers to employers, and was invited to join its Board of Directors. She served two years as a Director and was then invited to join the Executive Committee—performing in the role of Treasurer and Vice President for one-year consecutive terms. Thereafter, Amy took on the role of President of CACE for two years. Amy is the only two-term president of CACE and led the organization through the unknowns that the COVID-19 Pandemic brought to lawyers, workplaces, and employment relationships across Canada. Amy continues to be on the Board of Directors for CACE in the role of Past President.

Outside of her busy practice, Amy is equally busy at home with her husband, son, daughter, two dogs and two cats. She loves reading, camping and hiking, and she is a passionate supporter of charities for children and adults with exceptionalities. Her family enjoys attending the theatre and the symphony and look forward to getting back to in-person attendances soon. While Amy admittedly has no musical talent, luckily her children do and they are actively engaged in playing the piano, drums and saxophone. Her daughter is also a developing young artist, once again demonstrating talents that Amy does not herself possess.