TMC Board of  Directors – Member Job Description

The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Board of Directors (the Board) is committed to ensuring that it achieves standards of excellence in the quality of its governance and has adopted the following duties and expectations of its elected and ex-officio Members. Board members are expected to be familiar and comply with the Duties and Responsibilities of the Board, as set out in the Board’s By-Laws and its Charter. Members are also required to comply with the Board’s Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest Policy and other Board policies. Board members will be familiar with and comply with their fiduciary duties, as legally required of Directors of Ontario Not for Profit Corporations.

Qualities of Board Members

The following qualities are required of all Members:

  • Commitment to the Mission, Vision and Values of the TMChoir,
  • Knowledge about and/or experience of the Performing Arts Sector,
  • Ability to think strategically and engage in sound, collaborative decision-making processes,
  • Commitment to act with independence of mind, and in the best interests of the organization
  • Dedication of time required of a Director.


The Board meets approximately 10 times a year. Members are expected to attend all meetings of the Board and applicable committees. Meetings will continue to be conducted virtually until such time as in-person meetings can be accommodated with appropriate space and technology to facilitate in-person and virtual attendance.  A member who fails to attend 80% of meetings will be considered not to have met an acceptable, minimum standard.

Ongoing Education, Development and Evaluation

Members are expected to attend an orientation session and ongoing education sessions as scheduled at board meetings or retreats. Members are expected to have a working knowledge of the TMChoir and its stakeholders, and participate in active self-assessment, evaluation and feedback.

Committee Service

Members are expected to serve on at least one Board Standing or Special Committee, as requested by the Chair. Committees generally meet monthly. Members will respect the Terms of Reference of Board Committees.

Preparation and Participation

Members are expected to read materials distributed in advance of Board meetings, to come to meetings prepared to participate knowledgeably in discussion, and to vote.

Teamwork and Supporting Board Decisions

Members will develop and maintain effective working relationships with the Chair of the Board, other Directors, and with senior artistic and administrative staff of the organization. Board members are expected to be loyal to the organization, respect the will of the majority and support approved Board decisions. Board members will understand the difference between governance and management and will respect areas that are solely within the purview of management.

Fundraising and Personal Giving

Board members will actively support all fundraising and development goals and activities of the TMC, consistent with the strategic directions approved by the Board of Directors. Members will support TMC management in the achievement of specific fundraising goals. At the beginning of the year, each Director will meet with the Chair to confirm their annual personal philanthropic contribution.


Updated February 2022