Toronto Mendelssohn Choir’s Free Concert brings out the crowds!

Dave Richards, Toronto Concert Reviews. The concert, billed as Romantics and New Romantics was not the usual fare of well-known popular tunes meant to please an undiscerning audience. Indeed, it was an hour and a half  packed with choral gems from the 19th to 21st centuries.  Not that for choral lovers there wasn’t a mix of new and familiar, this was a concert meant to touch the heartstrings of both the uninitiated and the seasoned concert goers. It did just that. (Guest conductor John William Trotter) is known for innovative approaches to presentation and Saturday’s concert was evidence. He demonstrated in this concert not only his ability to elicit fine musical expression from the choir, but also his ease in communicating with the audience.

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Chorister love expressed in illuminated calligraphy

"To make the journey to Buffalo and Cleveland a success musically it was necessary for the chorus to be relieved from the countless worries usually inseparable from the luxury of travel. It was necessary for some one to assume two hundred burdens." Excerpted from a lavish thank-you letter of illuminated calligraphy presented by the Choir in February 1910 to their Choir President G. H. Parkes.

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