Festival of Carols -2011

Festival of Carols podcast: Enjoy musical excerpts and learn more about the concert in this chat with artistic director Noel Edison and music broadcaster Rick Phillips.

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A Night of Brahms Program Notes

This all-Brahms programme deals with the theme of fate or destiny, a theme that fascinated Brahms through most of his career, ranging from desolation and isolation to resignation and acceptance. The German Requiem is the most consoling and optimistic. The Alto Rhapsody portrays a disgruntled social outcast, but resolves into a sublime prayer. In Nänie (Song of Lamentation), the gods calmly lament the passing of life and beauty. But in Gesang der Parzen (Song of the Fates), there is no way out – no resolution, no prayer – probably the most desolate piece Brahms ever composed.

Categories: 2011-2012 Season and Program Notes.