The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Conductor’s Challenge campaign was launched in 2005, to support performances of the great symphonic choral works that have been part of the TMC’s legacy for over 120 years.

As the years have passed, so has the organization grown and our mission expanded. In addition to presenting ticketed and free community concerts, TMC programs for singers, students, conductors and composers have enriched the lives of choral music-lovers of all ages and abilities, and furthered the careers of a new generation. Our outreach activities have enabled us to expand our reach and fulfil our mission of ensuring that choral music is accessible to everyone.

When you donate to the Conductor’s Challenge campaign, you will join hundreds of individuals in supporting the TMC’s mission  to build and enrich communities through a profound emotional experience of the choral masterworks of the world.


Supporters of the Conductor’s Challenge campaign receive personal recognition and benefits, including:

  • Special recognition at our Sacred Music for a Sacred Space concert at St. Paul’s Basilica in April
  • Invitations to exclusive TMC events
  • Voice of Mendelssohn newsletter
  • Our everlasting gratitude!

Reaching towards our goal

Our Goal 80000$
Feb 23 39010$

Where are we now?

Our goal: $80,000

As of February 23, 2017 we have raised: $39,010

Thank you to

Rebecca Amyote  ◊  Terry & Rosalind Anderson  ◊  Joan Beaton  ◊  Thomas Beechy  ◊  Bruce Burgess  ◊  Lenora Butler  ◊  Jay & Patricia Climenhaga  ◊  Cathy Conforzi  ◊  Noreen Coombs  ◊  Brian Dominique  ◊  Noel Edison  ◊  Jean Elliott  ◊  Kirsten Fielding  ◊  Erin Finlay  ◊  Marg Fisher  ◊  Sheila Fowler  ◊  Lois Fricker  ◊  Anita & Ivars Gaide ◊  Douglas Gardner  ◊  Cynthia Hawkins  ◊  Laura Wood & Jack Goad  ◊  Ilone Harrison  ◊  Derek and Susan Hayes  ◊  Chris and Jean Houston  ◊  Kimber Jonah  ◊  Eleanor Kunycia  ◊  Tom Laurie  ◊  John Lawson, C.M.  ◊  Anne Longmore ◊  Jennifer Min-Young Lee ◊  Lee McArthur  ◊  Catriona McDonald  ◊  June McLean  ◊  Metcalfe Foundation  ◊  David Mulholland  ◊  Deane and Mary Nesbitt  ◊  Maureen Palmer  ◊  Peter M. Partridge  ◊  Adrienne Pollak  ◊ David Powell  ◊  Wayne Riddell, C.M.  ◊  Robert J. Riddle  ◊  Susan Russell  ◊  Marilyn Isaac Stewart   ◊  Timothy Taylor  ◊  Halyna Troian  ◊  Rt. Hon. John N. Turner  ◊  Alan Ward  ◊  Sylvia Winder  ◊  Art & Marguerite Yung